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ISSN: 2075-8251 (English edition), 2075-8243 (Russian edition)
Acta Naturae. 2017. V. 9. № 1 (32)
  • S. V. Kulemzin, V. V. Kuznetsova, M. Mamonkin, A. V. Taranin, А. A. Gorchakov

    Engineering Chimeric Antigen Receptors
  • J. A. Bespyatykh, E. A. Shitikov, E. N. Ilina

    Proteomics for the Investigation of Mycobacteria
  • A. M. Petrov, M. R. Kasimov, A. L. Zefirov

    Cholesterol in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Diseases and Autism: Link to Synaptic Dysfunction
  • I. V. Balalaeva, E. A. Sokolova, A. D. Puzhikhina, A. A. Brilkina, S. M. Deyev

    Spheroids of HER2-Positive Breast Adenocarcinoma for Studying Anticancer Immunotoxins In Vitro
  • S.M. Baldin, N.M. Misiura, V.K. Švedas

    Building a Full-Atom Model of L,Dtranspeptidase 2 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis for Screening New Inhibitors
  • N. S. Bondarenko, A. N. Shneiderman, A. A. Guseva, B. A. Umarova

    Prolyl-glycyl-proline (PGP) Peptide Prevents an Increase in Vascular Permeability in Inflammation
  • T.S. Gerashchenko, M.V. Zavyalova, E.V. Denisov, N.V. Krakhmal, D.N. Pautova, N.V. Litviakov, S.V. Vtorushin, N.V. Cherdyntseva, V.M. Perelmuter

    Intratumoral Morphological Heterogeneity of Breast Cancer as an Indicator of the Metastatic Potential and Tumor Chemosensitivity
  • E. S. Philonenko, M. V. Shutova, Е. А. Khomyakova, Е. М. Vassina, О. S. Lebedeva, S. L. Kiselev, М. А. Lagarkova

    Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells into Mesodermal and Ectodermal Derivatives Is Independent of the Type of Isogenic Reprogrammed Somatic Cells
  • E.A. Tsvetkov, N.N. Potatieva, K.V. Bolshakov

    Voltage-Dependent Interaction of Capsaicine and Protons on TRPV1- Receptors
  • O.V. Chertkov, G.A. Armeev, I.V. Uporov, S.A. Legotsky, N.N. Sykilinda, A.K. Shaytan, N.L. Klyachko, and K.A. Miroshnikov

    Dual Active Site in the Endolytic Transglycosylase gp144 of Bacteriophage phiKZ
  • D. A. Yakovlev, A. A. Kuznetsova, O. S. Fedorova and N. A. Kuznetsov

    Search for Modified DNA Sites with the Human Methyl-CpG-Binding Enzyme MBD4
  • L. S. Melnikova, Е. A. Pomerantseva, V.V. Molodina, P. G. Georgiev

    Mapping the D.melanogaster En1A Enhancer Modules Responsible for Transcription Activation and Long- Distance Enhancer-Promoter Interactions
  • E.A. Novoselova, O.B. Riabova, I.A. Leneva, V.G. Nesterenko, R.N. Bolgarin, V.A. Makarov

    Antiretroviral Activity Of a Novel Pyrimidyl-Di(Diazaspiroalkane) Derivative

Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Acta Naturae expects all parties participating in the publication commit to these publication ethics. Our Editorial Board does not tolerate plagiarism or other unethical behavior and will remove any manuscript that does not meet these standards.

Author Responsibilities

  • 1. Authors must certify that their manuscripts are their original work.
  • 2. Authors must certify that the manuscript has not previously been published elsewhere.
  • 3. Authors must certify that the manuscript is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • 4. Authors must notify Acta Naturae of any conflicts of interest.
  • 5. Authors must identify all sources used in the creation of their manuscript.
  • 6.Authors must report any errors they discover in their manuscript to Acta Naturae.

Reviewer Responsibilities

  • 1. Reviewers must notify Acta Naturae of any conflicts of interest.
  • 2. Reviewers must keep information pertaining to the manuscript confidential.
  • 3. Reviewers must bring to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief any information that may be reason to reject publication of a manuscript.
  • 4. Reviewers must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.

Editorial Board Responsibilities

  • 1. The Editorial Board must keep information pertaining to submitted manuscripts confidential.
  • 2. The Editorial Board must disclose any conflicts of interest.
  • 3. The Editorial Board must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.
  • 4. The Editorial Board is responsible for making publication decisions for submitted manuscripts.

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